From imaginative catwalks to eye-catching art instillations dotted around London, Anya Hindmarch certainly knows how to make an impact at Fashion Week.

Anya Hindmarch may have waved goodbye to the catwalk last season, but she remains a firm favourite when it comes to Fashion Week, and has arguably provided fashion week fans with a new dimension to the week. The designer’s choice to break free of the catwalk began last season with her Chubby Hearts campaign, which saw giant chubby heart balloons float from dawn until dusk in various locations around London. She then moved her visions onto an even more immersive instillation- The Chubby Cloud. This was setup in the elaborate setting of London’s Banqueting House and was held over three days with various talks, meditations, music and bedtime stories which were enjoyed by the public. This year was no different in terms of her vision, she managed to once again leave the catwalk firmly in the past and created another inspiring experience for her fans- The Weave.

We have been lucky enough to follow and capture Anya’s projects through the years, so join us as we reflect on the best bits of Anya Hindmarch!

The Weave Project 2019

Inspired by the designer’s SS19 Neeson bag Hindmarch created the instillation which you could experience from the inside out. Based in Brewer Street Carpark guests were invited to crawl through the structure, browse her new collection and even personalise the bags with initials, patterns and artwork. 



This show saw models sashaying down the runway to an atmospheric track which matched her beautiful graphic mountain backdrop. The collection was beautifully mismatched, with knitted jumpers and sandals which Hindmarch of course managed to make work.



Anya Hindmarch followed her natural ability to find creativity almost anywhere, and for this season she used the M25. Her collection was embellished with symbols such as ‘No U Turn’ and ‘Keep Your Distance’ on her bags and coats, this show was elevated by the addition of an all male choir who serenaded the models as they came down the catwalk.


Chubby Cloud 2018

Running for three days the Chubby Cloud was visited by just over 2,100 members of the public, who all wanted their moment of Hindmarch based relaxation. Audience members were treated to talks, poetry, meditation and songs from guests, who encouraged them to take a moment out of their busy days, to relax and drift away on the Chubby Cloud.



For SS18 Anya Hindmarch recreated the suburban dream, in centerstage stood an impressive house which models strode territorially. As with any Hindmarch project, all was not as it seemed as the roof came up and revealed a huge disco ball to close the show, emphasising her belief that even the everyday can be extraordinary.


Chubby Hearts 

Anya Hindmarch described this campaign as her personal love letter to London. She chose various locations in London to home her hearts for one day, and then swiftly moved them on to the next location before they got too comfortable. Hearts were spotted on Battersea Power Station, Westfield London, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden.



Audience members were treated to a futuristic display for SS17, where Hindmarch mixed geometry with art, creating a modern amphitheatre for models to display her collection. Hindmarch explained that she “started with the ‘simple’ circle- perhaps the most intriguing geometric shape- I’ve mixed native craft techniques and cutting edge technology to create complex shapes. I like to think of this as the leather work equivalent of a mathematical equation.”



This was actually our first show we captured for Anya Hindmarch back in 2014. Hindmarch used her show to express her Counter Culture theme, where she used the everyday to create something quite beautiful. Included in her collection was the famous Frosties tiger added to a royal blue bag, tasselled Daz and Ariel washing powder box purses and crinkled crisp packets worn across the body.  She explained that her muse for the show was “to treat the everyday in an ordinary way” and portray this on the catwalk.





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