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New York / London Fashion Week Feb 2019

With London and New York Fashion Week over, we look back at what made this season one to remember.


Increasingly brands are looking at ways to differentiate themselves from the crowded space of Fashion Week. A master of this has always been Anya Hindmarch who for many years created the most inventive and visually unique runway shows.

Now for the third season in a row she has moved away from a traditional runway show and delivered an exciting, engaging and beautiful immersive art installation for members of the public.

The Weave Project was created by collective Numen/For Use, where visitors could climb through the installation in Brewer Street Carpark. The Weave Project celebrated Anya Hindmarch’s new collection where customers are able to personalise the Neeson with hand-woven symbols and initials online, in store and at the Weave Project installation.

As always Pocket Motion Pictures were there to capture the magical event:

As well as the Weave Project Anya treated London to the return of her Chubby Heart. The inflatable heart was perfectly squeezed into Wellington Arch for people to enjoy for one last time.  

As a London based Video Production company, we love filming in London and this job was a 5 minute walk from our St James’s Park office, which is always nice.

Other brand experiences included Three’s mixed reality catwalk at Central Saint Martins, Ocean Outdoor x Vin & Omi and House of Peroni x LFW. Taking a more futuristic approach to brand activation was Lego, who teamed with Snapchat to launch a clothing store… with no clothes. The AR shop allowed shoppers to view the clothing brand by scanning the code and being transported to a virtual shopping experience and able to purchase the ready to wear collection.  

Blurred Lines

While NYFW and LFW are usually dedicated to womenswear, many designers chose to integrate menswear in the runway shows. Bi-coastal brand Eckhaus Latta and Nanushka presented pieces which can be worn by anyone, and androgynous models made appearances in a variety of shows.

Continuing with the trend, many designers who were showing at Women’s Fashion Week included menswear into their collection. Prabal Gurung did this in New York for the third season in a row, and Pocket Motion Pictures worked with them to film the backstage action.   

Other shows which included transgender models included 11 Honoré, which invited Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox, to close the whole show. LA based designer Pierre Davis also made her NYFW debut this season, becoming the first transgender woman on the official calendar.


From both LFW and NYFW it’s clear to see that many designers are becoming much more socially and environmentally aware, and we’re seeing this expressed on the runway. Mother Of Pearl will release a collection of nine pieces in association with BBC Earth for a new sustainable range, which will be available to buy at Net-A-Porter.

In New York Pocket Motion Pictures had the pleasure of working with the brand Collina Strada for the first time and filmed the runway show which had environmental activist Xiuhtezcati Martinez perform a spoken word poem as the backdrop. The brand also revealed a collection which was made of 75% deadstock fabrics. Judging on the way that this season has gone, it’s predicted that sustainable fashion is here to stay.


Pocket Motion Pictures Recap

We had the pleasure of working with some amazing designers and brands, here are a few videos we created.


Fond Farewells

On the final day of London Fashion Week we heard the sad news of the death of Karl Lagerfeld, one of the most influential and recognisable fashion designers of the 20th century, aged 85.

Lagerfeld transformed the face of Chanel into a global powerhouse when he became Creative Director in 1983. His image of dark glasses, fingerless gloves and silver ponytail made him a fashion icon in his own right. The world’s top models, designers and journalists all paid tribute to the late designer.

If you are looking to create video content for your project get in touch: please contact us for a quote on: 0207 244 9995

We have a dedicated Fashion team with over 15 years runway and backstage experience.  We can shoot a simple one camera catwalk setup up, to large scale 5 – 10 camera productions, including Live Streaming.

Anya Hindmarch Top Fashion Week Moments

From imaginative catwalks to eye-catching art instillations dotted around London, Anya Hindmarch certainly knows how to make an impact at Fashion Week.

Anya Hindmarch may have waved goodbye to the catwalk last season, but she remains a firm favourite when it comes to Fashion Week, and has arguably provided fashion week fans with a new dimension to the week. The designer’s choice to break free of the catwalk began last season with her Chubby Hearts campaign, which saw giant chubby heart balloons float from dawn until dusk in various locations around London. She then moved her visions onto an even more immersive instillation- The Chubby Cloud. This was setup in the elaborate setting of London’s Banqueting House and was held over three days with various talks, meditations, music and bedtime stories which were enjoyed by the public. This year was no different in terms of her vision, she managed to once again leave the catwalk firmly in the past and created another inspiring experience for her fans- The Weave.

We have been lucky enough to follow and capture Anya’s projects through the years, so join us as we reflect on the best bits of Anya Hindmarch!

The Weave Project 2019

Inspired by the designer’s SS19 Neeson bag Hindmarch created the instillation which you could experience from the inside out. Based in Brewer Street Carpark guests were invited to crawl through the structure, browse her new collection and even personalise the bags with initials, patterns and artwork. 



This show saw models sashaying down the runway to an atmospheric track which matched her beautiful graphic mountain backdrop. The collection was beautifully mismatched, with knitted jumpers and sandals which Hindmarch of course managed to make work.



Anya Hindmarch followed her natural ability to find creativity almost anywhere, and for this season she used the M25. Her collection was embellished with symbols such as ‘No U Turn’ and ‘Keep Your Distance’ on her bags and coats, this show was elevated by the addition of an all male choir who serenaded the models as they came down the catwalk.


Chubby Cloud 2018

Running for three days the Chubby Cloud was visited by just over 2,100 members of the public, who all wanted their moment of Hindmarch based relaxation. Audience members were treated to talks, poetry, meditation and songs from guests, who encouraged them to take a moment out of their busy days, to relax and drift away on the Chubby Cloud.



For SS18 Anya Hindmarch recreated the suburban dream, in centerstage stood an impressive house which models strode territorially. As with any Hindmarch project, all was not as it seemed as the roof came up and revealed a huge disco ball to close the show, emphasising her belief that even the everyday can be extraordinary.


Chubby Hearts 

Anya Hindmarch described this campaign as her personal love letter to London. She chose various locations in London to home her hearts for one day, and then swiftly moved them on to the next location before they got too comfortable. Hearts were spotted on Battersea Power Station, Westfield London, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden.



Audience members were treated to a futuristic display for SS17, where Hindmarch mixed geometry with art, creating a modern amphitheatre for models to display her collection. Hindmarch explained that she “started with the ‘simple’ circle- perhaps the most intriguing geometric shape- I’ve mixed native craft techniques and cutting edge technology to create complex shapes. I like to think of this as the leather work equivalent of a mathematical equation.”



This was actually our first show we captured for Anya Hindmarch back in 2014. Hindmarch used her show to express her Counter Culture theme, where she used the everyday to create something quite beautiful. Included in her collection was the famous Frosties tiger added to a royal blue bag, tasselled Daz and Ariel washing powder box purses and crinkled crisp packets worn across the body.  She explained that her muse for the show was “to treat the everyday in an ordinary way” and portray this on the catwalk.





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5 Video Trends for 2019

1. Storytelling – “The power of WOW”

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive and busy social media world but the power of telling your audience a story is a technique that must not be overlooked, because when done correctly with strategic planning the result can be epic.

The stories we tell have the ability to touch, inspire, and shake people to their cores. People love brands that aren’t afraid to let people in and with authentic storytelling it can put a human face on a big brand and connect with people in real-time.

At Pocket Motion Pictures we are seeing that more and more brands are investing in campaigns which are supported by a story that shares the company values and ideals, whilst not being purely product led.


2. Look out it’s behind You!

360 degree videos and Photography are slowly becoming bigger and bigger, alongside virtual reality.  The technology has been around and supported by social media channels for years but 2019 will see as massive rise as cameras become cheaper, better and more widely used.

By providing users with an immersive experience they feel like they are right there.

The travel, tourism and hospitality industries are leading the way with most hotels offering some sort of 360 tour and the Fashion, Sports and Events industry is fast catching up.

In 2019 you will be seeing a lot more 360 degree cameras placed in prime positions in order to capture the most immersive shot. Historically these cameras have been tucked away (out of sight out of mind) but that defies the whole point and, after decades of tourists complaining “it’s nothing like it was in the brochure”, they can now get the full picture. In fact, if a destination or hotel doesn’t keep up with this trend, potential customers might begin to wonder what they are hiding…


3. Internal Talent as Content Creators

Influencer strategies can be risky and expensive and we are starting to see more and more brands turning to their own internal talent to act as brand personalities.  Internal talent can create added value through industry knowledge and the sincere, personal quality of their content.

It also gives businesses the opportunity to tailor their branded content and create an overarching tone and voice to their content marketing, that is harder to control with outsourced influencers.

This trend is especially true for the Beauty Industry as brands turn to in-store make-up artist, internal R&D team and key team members with expert knowledge to take on the roles of content creators.


4. 6-Second Video Ads

Vine started it and there is no doubt this tiny format captured the world’s attention and it is becoming more and more relevant in the fast paced social media world. We are also seeing larger campaigns using this format compared to the historical 30 second TV style advert.

Whilst the short form content presents obvious challenges for storytelling and editing, Pocket Motion Pictures have years of experience crafting the perfect way to tell a message in the shortest time. Our Production team shoot and edit this type of content day in day out but the most successful campaigns happen where we are able to creatively and strategically work with brands to get the initial idea and concept right. Our team of creatives understand the whole process and help ensure that you don’t end up with content that looks amazing but falls short on message.


5. Video Content Agencies

Historically advertising and creative agencies were under massive competition from the newly evolving Video Content Agency.  Creative Agencies would use a Production Company to complete their vision with each agency taking their fee along the way. Pocket Motion Pictures and other agencies are leading the way by offering a script-to-screen service and making “video content agencies” a natural evolution in the digital content world.

As the demand for diverse video content grows, from long form and live video to short ads and micro-social moments, brands will need comprehensive video services with creative solutions to the inexhaustible demand.


With so much development in 2018 it is exciting to think about what 2019 will bring in the ever-changing world of video content. One thing is for sure; Pocket Motion Pictures will be there at each step of the process.


If your organisation is looking for video and photography content please get in touch and we can offer you a bespoke package:
T: 020 7244 9995


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2018 Roundup

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

2018 really has been a great year for us at Pocket Motion Pictures. We’ve relocated to St James’s Park, extended our team and worked with some very exciting new clients. Here we reflect on just a few of our favourite projects of 2018.

Anya Hindmarch

To celebrate London Fashion Week Anya Hindmarch created Chubby Cloud, an experiential installation inspired by the cloud motif in their Chubby Collection. Located at Banqueting House in London, visitors were able to climb on and sink into the world’s largest bean bag under the magnificent Rubens ceiling.
We were on cloud nine to be there to film the three-day event including a series of talks, meditations, music and bedtime stories.

The Denim Dance

The Denim Dance was created for Stylist Magazine  to display the season’s most on-trend denim. We had creative freedom with this shoot, which allowed us to take to the sky with a bird’s eye view- this was challenging but oh so satisfying to watch when it was complete.


Rubik’s Ident and Product Video

This year we worked with toy giant Rubik’s to create a whole range of videos to launch their new Junior Collection, as well as creating a brand new Ident for their videos. We used a variety of stop motion, graphics and sound FX to create the final videos, which you can find on Rubik’s YouTube and social media channels.

Cushnie et Ochs

It’s no surprise that we do love a Fashion Week but one of our 2018 highlights has to be Cushnie et Ochs 10 year anniversary live stream. We captured every model and every moment of this monumental show and live streamed it to fashion fans all over the world.




Pocket Motion Pictures can fulfil any brief, so if you like what you see on our blog, get in touch:

T: 020 7244 9995


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March Newsletter 2018

London Love

To mark Valentine’s day and London Fashion week Anya Hindmarch created an awe-inspiring art installation across the capital. Giant helium-filled ‘Chubby Hearts’ floated 29 iconic landmark locations. Love was quite literally in the air.

Pocket Motion Pictures has worked with Anya Hindmarch for nearly five years, filming across their London shows and countless other dramatic and creative projects.

This, however, was by far the most prominent and challenging project to date. We were tasked with creating an initial promo video that needed to be ready within hours of the first balloon taking flight over Battersea Power station.

Every subsequent day four new balloons would appear, each captured and edited for an Instagram story, while also adding to and building our edit for the final master film.

Windy conditions meant the shooting schedule was in constant flux bringing repeated new challenges.

To make things more interesting, we filmed each scene twice, once in portrait mode for the Insta Stories and again in Landscape for the main promo.

With a lot of hard work, many early mornings and freezing hands the project was a flyway success! We could not be more proud of being involved and producing content for such a charming and inspirational client.

Fashion Week

We are fast becoming the ‘go-to-guys’ when it comes to filming, editing and live-streaming fashion runway shows in NYC and LDN.

Each season we team up with new clients and are asked back by existing brands.

One of our most recent NYC projects led us to work with the inspiring Prabal Gurung.  Another brought us back together with Cushnie et Ochs to produce a massive nine camera Live Stream Setup.

London found us just as busy, filming more runway shows than ever before.

For the second time, we were proud to be asked to shoot for Gareth Pugh, a show which is always dramatic and thrilling to film.

Facebook Live and Youtube

2017 was a massive year for delivering exciting Live content, and so far 2018 has seen that trend continue for us.

We now have a specialised team in place that can handle anything from a one camera live-stream to high-end interactive panel discussions including audience and internet Q&A sessions; Live-stream fashion shows, award ceremonies, parties and more to fans, clients and customers.

The Denim Dance

We worked with Stylist Magazine to produce a stunning dance video showcasing this season’s freshest denim.

We loved this project as it offered so much creative freedom and the chance to look for interesting and exciting angels. The decision to shoot from a bird’s eye view was challenging but well worth the effort.

If you are interested in finding out what equipment we think is right for your next shoot

Please contact us for a quote on: 0207 244 9995

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How much tech is too much tech?

This summer sees the evolution of tech innovation with two major camera releases in as many months. There’s quite a bit to shout about; the Canon C200 offers Internal 12-bit 4K RAW, and the Panasonic Eva 1 gives us a 5.7K sensor resulting in sharper images and increased colour space.

But is new always best? That depends. At Pocket Motion Pictures we like to ensure we’re using the right gear for the job.

We feel latest cameras offer two significant benefits to our clients.

4K (3840 pixels × 2160 lines dontcha know)

4K is nothing new, so much so, that expecting to see it in each new release is now the norm and camera resolution will only increase from here on out. We already see 8K available at the higher end of the market.

But we are rarely asked to deliver our final videos in such high resolution. In fact, 99% of the time our clients require content for online use and only need HD1920 x 1080! And we don’t see that changing this year.

Then why do we use 4K? It’s a case of more is more. When we shoot in 4k, it allows us the option of two shots with every shot. The higher resolution gives us the advantage of being able to crop in during post production without losing any quality.

Colour Detail.

Without getting too techie, one notable development on the more budget friendly cinema cameras is the increased codec capacity; the complicated relationship between the video quality, the amount of data used to represent the video is determined by the bit rate.

For some time now, many editors have been working with a bitrate of 4.2.0, but with a recent increase to 4.2.2 (I know, it doesn’t seem like a lot) they are being given much more scope for colour correction and adjustments in post production. With greater control, flexible colour grading is made more accessible.

PMP create a vast amount of content for the fashion and beauty industry and in this business nailing that all-important skin tone or matching a product to the correct Pantone is everything. The ability to capture more detail and have greater control over the hues, blends and colours of the final video is vital. Thank you 4.2.2.

We aim to offer the best service to all our clients and using the latest advancements in technology where relevant is part of that.

We have an extensive range of different cameras and software as part of our in-house inventory because it is important to us that we have the right equipment for the job.

If you are interested in finding out what equipment we think is right for your next shoot, please contact us for a quote at: 0207 244 9995

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The Craftsmanship Series: Anya Hindmarch

Pocket Motion Pictures have been working on The Art of Craftsmanship series with Anya Hindmarch for some time now, and it has been a privilege to witness some of the extraordinary artistry that goes into their production process.

We film these beautiful cross-sections of the products actually being constructed by hand in London, Italy and Spain. It is important to the client that we can show their innovative approach to creating their pieces in clean and crisp detail. Each video sheds light on these remarkable and sometimes groundbreaking artisanal methods.

Pocket Motion Pictures specialise in Craftsmanship Films. If you are interested in getting a quote for one of your products or procedures please get in touch

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Charlotte Crosby for Flique – Full-Service Campaign Shoot

Full-Service on Flique.

Charlotte Crosby recently launched her brand-new make-up range for Easilocks Cosmetics. Pocket Motion Pictures we were on hand to photograph and film the campaign. Using one production house for a full-service shoot creates a strong consistency throughout the project. Our team of experts delivered a series of stunning stills and, as always, some wonderful film footage as well.


“I have been working tirelessly perfecting this superior boutique product line ! Gaining my experience in the industry for over 5 years and being a makeup FANATIC myself, I’ve really grasped and understood the importance of product performance and high quality! Joining forces with Easilocks Cosmetics Fliqué is ready to take the beauty industry by storm! We are so excited and I’m so very proud of it …”

Charlotte Crosby for Easilocks

Watch behind the scenes highlights below:

If you are looking for a full-service production team for your next campaign shoot then do get in touch for a quote


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Topshop and Business of Fashion Live-Stream Event

Live-Stream from the Heart of Fashion

Topshop and Business of Fashion (BoF) needed to film and live-stream their event and so turned to Pocket Motion Pictures. The task was to stream a scheduled live video simultaneously on both the Topshop and BoF Facebook pages. In addition, we were asked to create a highlights video of the event.

This was the first event in a series of talks for Future Voices, a global project and partnership between Topshop and BoF to help create a platform for upcoming talent.

PMP filmed the event at Central St Martins. The talk featured a most noteworthy panel including the inimitable Caroline Issa, Anya Hindmarch, Stephanie Phair and Jenny Cossons.

Needless to say, everything went smoothly and the live-stream, watched by thousands, was a great success.

Watch the highlights and full panel discussion below:

Pocket Motion Pictures are experts in Live FaceBook streaming. If you are interested in getting a quote to stream your next event please get in touch

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Superdrug Loves… Hygiene Content & Trend Reactive Video

How Ongoing Hygiene Content and Trend Reactive Videos Live Side by Side.

Superdrug Loves is updated seven times a week providing engaging content for both new and existing customers. Pocket Motion Pictures was asked to create content for its newly revamped YouTube channel, aiming for a 360° approach across all content outlets.

We have produced a blend of hygiene content as well as trend reactive videos. This is to make sure there is always quality content available for release from a bank of films shot in advance. However, because we also specialise in quick turn-around videos, the campaign is able to react to everyday events when needed. With this method, we are able to cover the best of both important aspects of this campaign.

Superdrug Loves doesn’t just tap into what everybody is talking about, it leads the news, beauty and lifestyle conversation, too, giving a fun stance to newsworthy topics.

If your organisation is producing or wants to produce regular video and photography content please get in touch and we can offer you a bespoke package

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Video Trends for 2017

At Pocket Motion Pictures we keep our finger firmly on the pulse of how online video is evolving. We’ve narrowed it down to seven current video trends that have purpose and power – and explain how they could transform your business.

Facebook Live:

In July 2016, Mark Zuckerberg anointed online video as the essential tool for all brands, big and small, when he said, “We see a world that is video-first with video at the heart of all our apps and services.”

By, ‘All our apps and services’ he meant all of Facebook’s platforms: Facebook itself, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Oculus. Facebook had rolled out LIVE earlier that year when no one had yet grasped how popular and socially relevant it would become.

Seven in 10 people default to horizontal viewing when watching videos on their phones, and are twice as likely to focus while watching YouTube compared to TV users while watching TV.

The Long and the Short:
There is a giant myth that shorter is better when it comes to video content. The truth is, there’s no right answer to this question, and the length of your video should depend on two main factors:

1) How long it takes to explain your topic fully.
2) Your goals for the video.

If you’re making a video about a complicated subject, one minute might not be adequate to explain everything. Nevertheless, a one-minute video might be just enough time to highlight your brand in an entertaining way, to get people to share and engage.

However, videos can never be too long — only too boring.

In 2017, you can expect to see longer videos, especially on YouTube. In the information-hungry world that we live in, long-form content is a good thing — as long as it’s done well.

I Can’t Hear You:
In 2017, 85% of videos on Facebook will be played without sound thanks to mobile video.

This can present a challenge for video marketers, but will ultimately mean we start to see more and more video content that’s created to be viewed without sound.

Design videos for autoplay, keeping silent viewers sitting in the doctor’s office or on the tube in mind. These days it’s important to use subtitles and on-screen graphics so you can communicate your message — even without sound.

You Spin My Head Round, Baby Right Round:

VR has had tech geeks fired up with anticipation for years, and 2016 saw the first release of hardware from Sony and Samsung. This year we’ll experience a surge in content as software developers scramble to catch up. Free content will be hungrily accessed, so savvy marketers should be on the front foot.

The 360-degree video is Virtual Reality ‘lite’ – though not as immersive as VR, it will enjoy a much broader audience in the immediate future. Creating your 360-degree branded video could make products appear fresh and relevant – from every angle. We’re increasingly being asked to produce these videos using our specialist camera equipment. Plus, it won’t take long for the whole thing to take off once Instagram starts allowing 360 videos.

Can You Put That in an Email, Please?

Email and video are finally making friends again. Video content allows brands the ‘less talk, more action’ approach to convey their messages. But by using email, they are still able to send the information directly to their target market.
Video also helps to boost open and click-through rates, so expect to see more video incorporated into email campaigns in 2017.


If you want to talk to us about any of the above please get in touch

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A Look Back at 2016

2016 may be remembered for all the wrong reasons, but it has been a landmark year for Pocket Motion Pictures. Working with both new and existing clients, we’ve produced some of our most exciting work yet.

Here are a few of the most significant developments.


Thanks to Instagram’s policy change, 2016 was the year of 60 second video. Rather than a longer film and series of social media clips, our clients are now asking for one edit that can be used across and platforms.

Our editors have been quick to adapt to fitting as much information as possible into a shorter, quicker format.


Men’s and women’s London Fashion Weeks are the busiest time of year for Pocket Motion Pictures; a gloriously hectic week of content creation and all night editing.

We’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some of the world’s leading fashion designers and beauty brands, creating both backstage and runway content.

We’re always excited to be part of the phenomenon that is the Victoria’s Secret show. Watch the highlights below or find out more


We particularly enjoyed creating these two campaign films for Mint Velvet and Mondalu. In both cases, we were given an open brief to bring the products to life in creative ways.

We’ve also been working with the wonderfully creative Soap & Glory in a series of films that capture the brand’s humour.

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Introducing Pocket Motion Photography

In order to create a more streamlined experience for our clients, we’re excited to launch Pocket Motion Photography.

We can now offer a full film and photography service that covers lifestyle and editorial photography, behind-the-scenes, events, portraits and pack shots.

Clients include Superdrug,  Zara, 10 Magazine, Marionnaud and Beauty Seen.

Contact us to find out more.






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The Art of Craftsmanship

For several seasons now we’ve worked with luxury accessories brand Anya Hindmarch to create beautiful craftsmanship films.

Filming across locations in Spain and Italy, we’ve worked closely with the brand to develop a visual style that includes macro details and overhead shots.

Packing light always proves a logistical challenge, but we’ve been able to take advantage of small, powerful 4k cameras. This enables us to create a portable system that captures overhead shots that previously would have been too invasive on a busy working location.

Of course, the most important ingredient are the best macro lenses. We favour the Zeiss 100mm T/2.1 – with the rapidly changing world of camera equipment, these are a constant.

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Backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

For the last three years we’ve been invited by Sophia Neophitou – Victoria’s Secret stylist and Editor of 10 Magazine – to film backstage at the famous Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

To celebrate the addition of our new photography service to the team, we take a look at some of the highlights.

Continue Reading ->

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The Pocket Motion Pictures Spring Newsletter

It’s been a busy few months at Pocket Motion Pictures. From film festivals to fashion shoots, see some of our favourite moments.


Before we start, we wanted to share our new fashion showreel. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s leading fashion brands – including Paul Smith, Anya Hindmarch and Victoria’s Secret – on runway, backstage and campaign shoots. Bonus points if you can spot Cara Delevingne and Alexa Chung.


See what happened when we decamped to sunny Paris to shoot behind the scenes at Roland Mouret‘s Spring Summer campaign, starring Carmen Kass. We’ve just finished shooting the enigmatic designer’s Autumn Winter campaign so make sure you’re following us on Instagram for updates.


Our New York office were busy at Tribeca Film Festival this year, filming backstage with Nexxus and Beauty Seen PR. If you have any question about filming in New York, just drop us an email.



We’re often asked how to create interesting films for brand press days. Here are two examples from The Communications Store and Boden to show how it’s done.


The film landscape is changing and so are we. We’re excited to announce that Pocket Motion Pictures now has a 360 degree film department. Our expert staff are skilled in creating 360 degree videos for use on Facebook, YouTube, iPhone and Virtual Reality headsets. Contact us to find out more.



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January Detox

Dust off your trainers, fire up the juicer and lets get healthy!

You would think our constant exposure to the best health and fitness gurus in the business would have influenced us here at Pocket Motion Pictures. Unfortunately we are all a bit partial to the odd bag of crisps (or seven) and the post Christmas period has left us all feeling a little less than our best.

So we decided to focus on fitness and good food this January, and what better way than to look back over some of the amazing videos we’ve shot with some truly inspirational people.

So don’t sit back and relax, jump up and join in as we revisit some of our favourite shoots!

We defy you not to be warmed from head to toe by Amelia Freer’s delicious winter broth. It’s been an amazing year for Amelia, whose new book: Cook Nourish Glow is receiving rave reviews and climbing the bestseller lists.

If broth isn’t your thing, hunker down with this delicious carrot and caraway seed soup. In our next video Honestly Healthy’s Natasha Corrett shows us how to prepare a soup packed with nutrients to boost your immune system and cleanse your body.

GB Olympic Heptathlete turned Personal Trainer Louise Hazel shares her fat-torching rev-up workout. Warning: this will supercharge your metabolism!

Lifestyle Guru and Blogger Madeline Shaw has had a truly incredible year. Her new App Glow Guides is helping people all over the world become the happiest and healthiest people they can be. Here Shaw gives us three easy steps to improve our Nutrition in honour of Clinique’s inspirational #StartBetter campaign.

Joe Cross is an inspiration for anyone who wants to get into shape. His ever expanding empire ‘Reboot with Joe’ is chock full of success stories, clean living tips and delicious juice recipes. In this video he makes Honestly Healthy’s Natasha Corrett his famous Mean Green Juice.

Watch Roger Frampton defy physics in this amazing new series of tutorials. The international model and exercise coach has developed an ingenious exercise method; no weights, no gym membership just you, your body and the great outdoors.

Treat your friends and family to this delicious slow-cooked shoulder of lamb dreamt up by the Daylesford farm’s Steve Brown. Perfect for a cold wintery night or a lazy Sunday lunch.
Disclaimer: Technically not health and fitness related, but too mouth – watering to leave out.

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Charlotte Tilbury Video Content

At Pocket Motion Pictures we are thrilled to showcase some of our work with British beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury.
As a London based video production company, we are proud to have worked with the renowned beauty brand, having the pleasure of working with the Charlotte Tilbury team from day one, filming and producing their video content and witnessing their rise in the beauty market to becoming a global phenomenon.

Charlotte Tilbury…

We started our collaboration back in June 2013, when Charlotte curated her beauty festival at Selfridges: “House of Rock ‘n Khol.” You can read our blog post on the event here.

When the brand opened their first UK counter at Selfridges, we filmed a highlights video that captured all the excitement. Fast forward a few years and countless other launch video, Charlotte Tilbury then opened in Toronto and invited us to showcase the days activities. Pocket Motion Pictures has a second office in New York which helps us to support our global clients.

Charlotte Tilbury drew a bigger crowd at Holt Renfrew than when Elton John appeared at the same venue. Our video below showcases just how much people love Charlotte Tilbury and her make-up brand, the results are truly phenomenal. Catch the video here:

Make-up Tutorials…

At Pocket Motion Pictures, we specialise in hair and make-up tutorial videos, ideal for showcasing beauty tips and tricks. We work with many of the leading brands and artists in the UK and US.

Working alongside Charlotte Tilbury, we have produced over 30 different tutorial videos, all of which have racked up millions of YouTube views and social shares. We love working with the beauty brand, and wanted to share with you some of our favourite videos…

Smokey Eye Till I Die…

We filmed a series of videos for Charlotte’s Smokey Eye Till I Die Tutorial Series.

Charlotte Tilbury’s mantra is Smokey Eye Till I Die, because she believes that a Smokey eye can look fabulous at every age, and in this video she demonstrates on herself how to get her signature look:

Amal Clooney’s Wedding Make-Up…

Charlotte had the pleasure of being make-up artist to Amal Clooney, who called upon her for her bridal make-up look. In one of Charlotte’s most popular tutorials, she recreates how to get the beautiful wedding make-up:

Norman Parkinson Collaboration…

For our third favourite video, Charlotte told us of her collaborate with the photographer Norman Parkinson, and so we wanted to do something visually different and special.  Most of the make-up tutorials we have done with Charlotte have been against a white background, but with these videos we wanted to use beautiful images by Norman Parkinson as the backdrop and the final result was looked striking:

Emily Ratajkowski QC Cover…

And finally the Charlotte Tilbury cover look series where we recreated the stunning make-up look for Emily Ratajkowski’s photoshoot.

We love filming make-up tutorials and any other type of video tutorial and over the years have been honoured to help Charlotte Tilbury with her video tutorials, and seeing her brand become such a massive success.

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Mint Velvet A/W Video Look Book

We love creative briefs and when the fashion label Mint Velvet asked us to produce their 2015 Autumn/Winter ‘look book’ for online and in store use, we jumped at the chance. Continue Reading ->

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M&S Window Display videos: 4K. The Right Way.

We recently shot and edited a video for M&S to be displayed in store windows across the country, and had the opportunity to film in 4K Ultra HD.

What is 4K video? 4K refers to the video pixel resolution, and at 3840×2160 pixels 4K is 4x the resolution of HD video (which is 1920×1080).  By comparison, Youtube videos are only 1280×720.

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Backstage at Victoria’s Secret 2014 in Earls Court

Pocket Motion Pictures has been fortunate enough to film at many major fashion events across the globe, but when we were asked to capture the iconic Victoria’s Secret show we knew to expect something spectacular. This was the first time the Angels’ runway show was to take place in the UK, and it was happening right on our office doorstep: at the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre.

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Our Festive videos 2014

It has been our busiest Christmas ever, with more and more of our clients wanting to share Christmas videos with their customers.

It’s been so much fun creating bold, original and engaging content that captures the spirit of Christmas and below you’ll find three of our favourite seasonal videos.

The Browns’ Christmas Bake-Off

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New York, London, Milan and Paris; That’s a Wrap!

With each fashion season sees the company go from strength to strength, producing more and more content, covering backstage, front of house, runway, street style, events and parties – we really do get around.

One of two major projects so far this year is our collaboration with Grazia.  We were brought in to provide all video content as part of their ‘Fashion Week 360’ guide. This resulted in an abundance of dazzling videos that we have pared-down and cherry-picked the ‘best of’ from for you to enjoy.

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The making of London’s most dramatic show

Anya Hindmarch’s shows have increasingly become one of the hottest tickets in town during LFW. With her flair for the theatrical, and her talent for setting the perfect stage, she didn’t disappoint this season.

We’ve been working with Anya and her team for some time now and were thrilled to be asked to produce a video that would help tell the story of what goes into putting together such a unique runway event.

The result is a video we are truly proud of, probably one of our most beautiful and inspiring videos to date

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Max Factor and Google Glass

Max Factor and Google Glass invited us to work with them to create a video showcasing the brand new technology of these much sought after tech-specs. This was a really exciting project and chance to get some firsthand understanding of this brand new technology that won’t be available in the UK for some time.

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Working with the Fast Beauty experts

For blowLtd (a new beauty bar based in Central London) we created a very cool little video promoting the new store and all their services.

We then created a ‘How To’ video for each of their signature looks.  The videos can be found online on blow’s site but are also on silent loop in store, so we produced content that worked with and without sound.

This ‘no talking’ approach meant creating some snappy animated graphics to tell the viewer what each step of the beauty look involves. They look great.

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New York Office is now open

In September 2013 we opened our New York office with a bang and just in time for Fashion Week.

Working with our UK clients and slowly building US clients the small office has a talented crew which will offer the same services as the London office and will grow with demand.

Below is a fun mash up video showcasing all the content we produced for Fashion Week.


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Anya Hindmarch and the dancing bags

Following on from the behind-the-scenes photo-shoot video we created, Anya Hindmarch asked us to produce a fun stop motion film designed to bring to life her new bag tassels in a creative and amusing way.

We love interesting and open briefs like that and we worked with the company’s creative and online team to build a strong concept.  They wanted the bags to dance and for the tassels to have a cute creature-like feel, almost as if they were alive.

Below are some examples of the stop motion clips we had previously used within the behind-the-scenes video.

These clips were relatively easy to execute and only required limited technical skill.  However, our new challenge was much harder.  To create the effect of the bags and tassels jumping and lifting off from the ground with stop motion video, we would have to use wires.   Like Wallace and Gromit, who are moved in small increments between individually shot frames, we were going to animate Anya’s bags and tassels. But whereas Wallace and Gromit are made of Play Doh, we were working with expensive, real leather bags which had to be returned after the shoot in the same pristine condition we’d been given them…

So we had two main challenges to overcome.  The first was to find a way to discreetly attach wires to three bags and their tassels and then to be able to slowly raise each bag off the ground.  The second challenge was removing the wires from view in post-production.

Fortunately, we were only tasked with the production of a short, 30 second piece. Unfortunately, that still meant we would have to manually remove the wires from over 700 images in post-production.  To add to the fun, we only had a few days to get the job shot and edited.

The bags were to be photographed against a gray backdrop.  We therefore needed to construct a rig above this that would be high enough not to obstruct the lights and cause shadows, but not so high as to make it difficult for us to work with it.  Because each bag had its own unique position within the frame, each had its own pole to which we could attach its wires.

Filming was fun but very tricky; every tiny movement was stressful.  We had to be careful that, when we altered the position of one bag, it didn’t disturb the others, because this would affect their movement. So the whole thing became a bit of a logistical nightmare.

The interesting bit was post-production. In the picture below you can see how the magic was made: it’s a before and after shot; first with, and then without the wires. In the end, using Photoshop, we had to manually remove the wires from over 500 frames – a fiddly and time-consuming job.

But we’re pleased to say the result was well worth all the hard work. One of the most fun parts for us was picking out sound effects – and in some cases making our own – to give each of the tassels its own, individual character.

We are really proud of this little film and hopefully you will enjoy watching it.

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Charlotte Tilbury’s Makeup House Of Rock ‘N’ Kohl

Charlotte Tilbury, the amazing international make-up artist, decided to share her make-up secrets at her very own beauty festival lasting 7 days and we encamped to capture all the fun.

Selfridges invited Charlotte to take over the concept store and host events ranging from “Tilbury Transformations makeovers” to panel discussions on the sofa with some of the most influential figures in fashion, beauty and art, giving insider-access to real, behind-the-scenes artistry.

To promote the event, Charlotte teamed up with photographer Chris Levine and friend and muse Kate Moss to create a large-scale holographic stereogram portrait of the supermodel to go on display in the Selfridges window.

Our remit was to create a wide range of films throughout the festival. The main point was that all the videos needed to be online the next morning. Pocket Motion Pictures specialize in creating fast turnaround, high quality videos but this was our first experience of doing a film every night for 7 days.

Some of the amazing people we filmed include; Kate Moss, Lisa Eldrige, Camila Batmanghelidjh, Mary Greenwell, Alice Temperley, Laura Bailey, Caroline Issa, Nicola Formichetti, Anita Pallenberg and Cara Delevingne.

The brief was broken down into three categories:

Time-lapse – Covering the store and window installation.

Promo video – A launch video and an end-wrap video.

Panel discussions – Each night, Charlotte raided her little black book of industry influencers to bring together some of the most amazing people to fascinating talks, which we filmed, then edited overnight to be uploaded by 7am the next day.


On Sunday evening at 6pm, two teams started the long process of transforming the concept store and building the three windows. Everything had to be completed by 9am the next morning for store opening.
Chris Levine and his team were installing the lenticular portraits of Kate Moss in the main window and the Charlotte Tilbury team was building the store and two other windows.

We installed 2 static Canon 600D DSLR cameras in the most prominent positions and had a third camera being repositioned throughout the night. The third camera was motorized via a Kessler Oracle control system which allowed us to slowly move the camera across a slider to give smooth, natural movement to the time-lapses.

Every hour we changed cards and started to ingest the footage and start the edit. We had preselected several music tracks and were aiming to have the edit done within a few hours of the build being completed.

We had a two-man team working throughout the night: a cameraman and an editor. The great benefit of this is not only speed but also that the editor is able to work with the cameraman to decide what the video needs.

Here is the installation time-lapse video.

Promo video

Pocket Motion Pictures regularly film and edit launch events and deliver fast turnaround edits, so we were ready for the challenge of filming throughout the day capturing different elements. We had an editor on site getting regular updates of footage so she could start the edit straight away.

Here is the opening promo video, which incorporates some of the time-lapse footage.

Panel Discussions

Every night Charlotte invited leading industry figures to sit down and discuss their beauty secrets, top tips, career highlights, industry gossip and much more.
The conversations lasted around one and half hours, and once each was done our job was to edit it down to a short highlights video.

We filmed the talks using 3 Sony EX1 cameras. These are great – slightly dated but still produce an amazing image. They’re really easy and responsive to use and the recording format is easy to edit from without any transcoding required.

The challenge was taking long talks full of great moments and distilling them down to capture the essence of what everyone was saying. We also did not have much room for error because of the quick turnaround.

Our 1st draft had to be ready early the next morning for client feedback and we had to ensure we got it as close to right as possible because if the 1st draft was not liked or needed loads of changes, then we wouldn’t make our 9am deadline.

For us, the key to delivering this is understanding what the client wants. We worked closely with Charlotte Tilbury and her team to ensure we knew what they wanted the videos to look and feel like.

On the last night Cara Delevingne popped in and the format of the night changed. It was more fun, more relaxed. Charlotte and Cara talked on stage for a while before the highlight of the night took place: Cara Delevingne played drums on stage live for the 1st time ever. Check it out!

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A/W London Fashion Week and our fav video – Sam McKnight for Paul Smith

A very busy A/W 2013 London fashion week for Pocket Motion Pictures yielded lots of very exciting shoots. We had one crew on street style, another filming the catwalk shows, out front and backstage, and one more crew filming vox-pops. For me the highlight shoot was ‘The Evolution of a Beauty Trend’ featuring the amazing Sam McKnight doing the hair for Paul Smith.

I have singled this video out largely because the brief came in very last minute and the video edit was done overnight which is something that happens frequently and we have ensured the company is flexible and able to adapt quickly for requests like this. This sort of shoot requires high energy, quick thinking, good teamwork and an eye for detail at high speed. I was very proud of the end result, which proved to me that a great team makes great work.

Over the past 12 months Pocket Motion Pictures have become somewhat of a specialist for delivering high quality, fast turnaround edits. We have been responding to increased demand from PR Company, Event Organiser and large Brand clients who are hosting parties, product launches and Award Ceremonies which need a polished video online either that night or the next morning.

To accommodate this we have invested heavily in ensuring we have the right equipment for the shoots, and high powered editing suites that are up to the challenge of rendering quickly. With a team of specialist editors with lightning fast editing skills and an innate understanding of what our clients expect from the final video means the client is happy and needs to give limited feedback. The Sam McKnight video encapsulates this perfectly for me. A strong, high quality and entertaining short form video that was created quickly and meant that our client, Get The were able to have the video live on their site the very next day. were kind enough to add their feedback to this blog post…

“We got the green light to shoot with Sam Mcknight at London Fashion Week the day before we would have to start filming.  I called Jeremy at Pocket Motion Pictures to see if they could help, and he instantly assured me that he would have a team there covering the story which would mean time taken up over the weekend. I couldn’t actually attend the filming myself but I sent over a brief which Jeremy ‘got’ straight away and his team stuck to it brilliantly.

On the Monday I was presented with a super slick, very sophisticated and beautifully shot video which we only had to tweak slightly and add in a few titles before we could upload it to our site the same day. The feedback I got from the shoot was that Pocket Motion Pictures were quick, slick and incredibly professional in what is often a quite stressful environment. I hope to work with Jeremy and his team a lot in the future on various other projects.”

Susannah Taylor Editor,

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Stars we’ve filmed

As 2012 comes to a close we thought we would do a quick round up video putting together some of the amazing people we’ve had the privilege to work with. We’ve already got plenty of bigger and better shoots planned for 2013 so stayed tuned.

In order of appearance;

Kelly Rowland, Kimberley Walsh, Davina McCall, Gareth Pugh , Helena Christensen, Rachel Zoe, Raymond Blanc, Jessica Ennis, Annie Lennox, One Direction, Tracy Emin, Damon Alban, Cheryl Cole, Iman, Salma Hayek, Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Kelly Osbourne, Stella McCartney, Tulisa Contostavlos, Roland Mouret, Pixie Lott, Jemma Kidd, Kim Kardashian, Christian Louboutin, Rochelle Humes & Mollie King from The Saturdays, Anya Hindmarch, Omid Djalili, Victoria Pendleton, Brix Smith-Start, Tinie Tempah, Fearne Cotton, Keri-Anne Payne, Elle Macpherson, Valentino, Beyoncé Knowles, Emma Watson, Prince Charles, Nicole Richie, Claudia Schiffer.

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L’Oreal Paris How to get the look!

Cosmopolitan and L’Oreal Paris invited us to create a series of ‘how to’ videos with a high production value.

The videos were for Cosmo’s website and to form part of a larger marketing campaign for L’Oreal.  There were two themes – Backstage and Centre stage – and we were asked to shoot four videos for each.

On a beautiful, sunny day in Kentish Town, we shot the first batch at Spring Studios.  These were bright, warm and friendly looking videos to give the viewer a detailed understanding of how to achieve a particular hair style and a make up look to complement it

We minimised the interference of the filming process by carrying out the shoot with a RED One and two Canon 7D cameras. This ensured we had plenty of coverage of the hair and make-up stylists working their magic without the cameras intruding, giving the finished video a more natural flow. On a practical level, it also meant we didn’t have to stop and repeat steps in the tutorial as much, so we could spend more time ensuring the set looked right and the lighting was the best it could be. With the aid of the wonderfully portable WallyDolly on set, we could gently track from left to right during shots.

For the second theme, we filmed on location at Koko, Camden.  Our brief was to give the shoot an altogether more glamorous feel, for a more evening and going out look.

Because the turnaround for these videos was quicker than the first shoot, we opted to film with the Sony F3 as our main camera.  This allowed us to edit straight away without any transcending.   With the evening theme, the location was generally going to be darker, so we used Canon 5D’s as our B and C camera as these are better in low light.

As with the last shoot, we filmed four looks, two with Cosmo readers and two with models.



But as a further element for this set of videos, alongside the tutorials, we also wanted to show the models doing their own hair and make up.   This way, we hoped to inspire confidence in the audience that they can actually do these steps – and achieve the look – themselves.


Take a look at two examples from each shoot below.

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Jemma Kidd’s ‘get the look’ video tutorials

The power of online video is huge, and Pocket Motion Pictures, a cutting-edge London production company, continues to work with top names to deliver professional, quality films to showcase our clients.

Elle UK magazine recently asked us to film a series of make-up videos to promote the free cover mount product in their September issue.  The product was three different colour eyeliner pencils, created specially by Jemma Kidd.

So, on an unusually bright and sunny summer’s day, we went to Jemma’s studio in Notting Hill to film 5 ‘get the look’ video tutorials.  We were really pleased to find that Jemma Kidd was an absolute pro – and a great host.

‘How to’ videos are especially popular at the moment and we’ve filmed lots of these style videos for many of our clients.  They may look easy and straightforward, but the key is in the preparation.  It’s essential to really understand the main points that the viewer needs to take on board and then make sure the way the video is shot gives clear and simple coverage of them.

We always break down the steps on cue cards. Each card has  one sentence describing the step as clearly as possible, and once we have those in place, they act as chapters within the video. This way, you know you’re getting the main points across. The expert presenter can then do what they do best: talk around these points, giving tips and extra insight.

Jemma’s been doing this for ages and came well prepared. She  knew exactly what was needed and how best to convey that message to her audience.  She runs her own makeup school (, so has plenty of experience teaching regular people how to get great-looking results when applying their make-up.


You can see all the resulting cosmetics videos below. And if you’d like some of your own online videos to enhance your website, raise brand awareness and really engage with your audience, get in touch!


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Jessica Ennis Cosmo Cover Shoot

Well done Jessica Ennis.

A massive congratulations to such an inspiring athlete.  It was wonderful to watch as Jess took the gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics.

Pocket Motion Pictures had the pleasure to film with Jessica Ennis as she swapped the track for the studio to be photographed for the coveted Cosmopolitan UK cover.

Shot at Worx Studio in West London we used a mixture of HD DSLR video and timelapse photography to capture Jess posing for the camera.

Jessica Ennis, being the massive star that she is, had a much shorter time than most take to be shot as she needed to get back to her training.  We were delighted when she took a few moments to talk to us and introduce the video.

Jess was so friendly and down to earth on set and a real natural in front of camera and we’re sure you’ll be seeing much more of her on television in the future.

You can watch the video below and keep checking back for more exciting videos.  It’s been a busy Summer and we have some interesting projects in production at the moment.


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Dorothy Perkins and Cosmo Skinny Denim Video

We were asked to create a trend video for Dorothy Perkins as they launched their new range of skinny denim. Dorothy Perkins teamed up with Cosmopolitan Online as part of their social network marketing strategy with #HowDoYouWearYours as the banner for all the activity. The video we made showed how the Cosmo fashion girls styled their Dorothy Perkins denim, presented by Cosmo’s fashion editor Shelly Vellor.

What made the video exciting was that they asked us to make it interactive. They wanted the audience to be able to click on any products shown in the screen and be presented with more information on that item and a link to be able to purchase it. As well as product information the audience would also be able to click on any of the Cosmo fashion team and be presented with their biography and links to their blogs and twitter feeds.

At the same time as shooting the video we were also photographing a stills gallery which would put the Cosmopolitan girls going head to head with the Dorothy Perkins team and the public would be able to vote for their favorite outfit.

We chose to shoot at Holburn studio is Old Street in the large studio to allow room for the video and stills shoot to happen side by side. The video was a multi camera shoot filmed on the Sony F3 HD cameras.

We are really excited with end video and think the Cosmo girls did a fab good. The interactive video was only live for one month to ensure all the products were in stock and at the correct price. The video below is the full version without the interactive feature. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in the interactive element of the video and we will happily provide more info and how the technology can be utilised.

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Selfridges Timelapse

After successfully creating a time lapse video of the famous Selfridges Christmas windows being installed, we were asked back to time lapse an even bigger and more exciting project. Selfridges were redeveloping a large section of their 2nd floor womenswear designer area with a spectacular new design created by the famous architect Jamie Fobert. The project would take five months: it involved completely gutting the area and building an entirely new and fresh state of the art shopping experience.

There were big technical issues we had to overcome – being in a space that was constantly evolving meant that we would regularly have to move the camera, and finding somewhere to clamp or hang it was not always easy.

Also, as there was no access to mains power on site, we had to build a rig that could run for over a week at a time, working 24 hours a day and taking one picture every 20 seconds.

Each week posed the challenge of trying to second guess what was going to happen that week to find a new camera position. Regularly we would set up a camera position hoping to capture a specific element of the construction, only to return to find it was delayed and we had to move because they needed to work on that area.

The end result was beyond what we were expecting. It’s fascinating to watch five months’ work compressed to two minutes. There is something magical about it.

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Sidney and Melbourne City Guide

This was a really horrible shoot to be sent on.  Having to spend several days being shown around two amazing cities by über trendy designers and bloggers was tough.

I fell in love with both cities equality because my guides were so passionate and knowledgeable.  Most people are either die-hard Sidney or Melbourne fans but I am now officially a man with two loves.

The purpose of these city guides was to show a side of the cities that is not always seen and the key places to shop, hang out and to be seen.





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