Full-Service on Flique.

Charlotte Crosby recently launched her brand-new make-up range for Easilocks Cosmetics. Pocket Motion Pictures we were on hand to photograph and film the campaign. Using one production house for a full-service shoot creates a strong consistency throughout the project. Our team of experts delivered a series of stunning stills and, as always, some wonderful film footage as well.


“I have been working tirelessly perfecting this superior boutique product line ! Gaining my experience in the industry for over 5 years and being a makeup FANATIC myself, I’ve really grasped and understood the importance of product performance and high quality! Joining forces with Easilocks Cosmetics Fliqué is ready to take the beauty industry by storm! We are so excited and I’m so very proud of it …”

Charlotte Crosby for Easilocks

Watch behind the scenes highlights below:

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