Charlotte Tilbury, the amazing international make-up artist, decided to share her make-up secrets at her very own beauty festival lasting 7 days and we encamped to capture all the fun.

Selfridges invited Charlotte to take over the concept store and host events ranging from “Tilbury Transformations makeovers” to panel discussions on the sofa with some of the most influential figures in fashion, beauty and art, giving insider-access to real, behind-the-scenes artistry.

To promote the event, Charlotte teamed up with photographer Chris Levine and friend and muse Kate Moss to create a large-scale holographic stereogram portrait of the supermodel to go on display in the Selfridges window.

Our remit was to create a wide range of films throughout the festival. The main point was that all the videos needed to be online the next morning. Pocket Motion Pictures specialize in creating fast turnaround, high quality videos but this was our first experience of doing a film every night for 7 days.

Some of the amazing people we filmed include; Kate Moss, Lisa Eldrige, Camila Batmanghelidjh, Mary Greenwell, Alice Temperley, Laura Bailey, Caroline Issa, Nicola Formichetti, Anita Pallenberg and Cara Delevingne.

The brief was broken down into three categories:

Time-lapse – Covering the store and window installation.

Promo video – A launch video and an end-wrap video.

Panel discussions – Each night, Charlotte raided her little black book of industry influencers to bring together some of the most amazing people to fascinating talks, which we filmed, then edited overnight to be uploaded by 7am the next day.


On Sunday evening at 6pm, two teams started the long process of transforming the concept store and building the three windows. Everything had to be completed by 9am the next morning for store opening.
Chris Levine and his team were installing the lenticular portraits of Kate Moss in the main window and the Charlotte Tilbury team was building the store and two other windows.

We installed 2 static Canon 600D DSLR cameras in the most prominent positions and had a third camera being repositioned throughout the night. The third camera was motorized via a Kessler Oracle control system which allowed us to slowly move the camera across a slider to give smooth, natural movement to the time-lapses.

Every hour we changed cards and started to ingest the footage and start the edit. We had preselected several music tracks and were aiming to have the edit done within a few hours of the build being completed.

We had a two-man team working throughout the night: a cameraman and an editor. The great benefit of this is not only speed but also that the editor is able to work with the cameraman to decide what the video needs.

Here is the installation time-lapse video.

Promo video

Pocket Motion Pictures regularly film and edit launch events and deliver fast turnaround edits, so we were ready for the challenge of filming throughout the day capturing different elements. We had an editor on site getting regular updates of footage so she could start the edit straight away.

Here is the opening promo video, which incorporates some of the time-lapse footage.

Panel Discussions

Every night Charlotte invited leading industry figures to sit down and discuss their beauty secrets, top tips, career highlights, industry gossip and much more.
The conversations lasted around one and half hours, and once each was done our job was to edit it down to a short highlights video.

We filmed the talks using 3 Sony EX1 cameras. These are great – slightly dated but still produce an amazing image. They’re really easy and responsive to use and the recording format is easy to edit from without any transcoding required.

The challenge was taking long talks full of great moments and distilling them down to capture the essence of what everyone was saying. We also did not have much room for error because of the quick turnaround.

Our 1st draft had to be ready early the next morning for client feedback and we had to ensure we got it as close to right as possible because if the 1st draft was not liked or needed loads of changes, then we wouldn’t make our 9am deadline.

For us, the key to delivering this is understanding what the client wants. We worked closely with Charlotte Tilbury and her team to ensure we knew what they wanted the videos to look and feel like.

On the last night Cara Delevingne popped in and the format of the night changed. It was more fun, more relaxed. Charlotte and Cara talked on stage for a while before the highlight of the night took place: Cara Delevingne played drums on stage live for the 1st time ever. Check it out!

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