We were asked to create a trend video for Dorothy Perkins as they launched their new range of skinny denim. Dorothy Perkins teamed up with Cosmopolitan Online as part of their social network marketing strategy with #HowDoYouWearYours as the banner for all the activity. The video we made showed how the Cosmo fashion girls styled their Dorothy Perkins denim, presented by Cosmo’s fashion editor Shelly Vellor.

What made the video exciting was that they asked us to make it interactive. They wanted the audience to be able to click on any products shown in the screen and be presented with more information on that item and a link to be able to purchase it. As well as product information the audience would also be able to click on any of the Cosmo fashion team and be presented with their biography and links to their blogs and twitter feeds.

At the same time as shooting the video we were also photographing a stills gallery which would put the Cosmopolitan girls going head to head with the Dorothy Perkins team and the public would be able to vote for their favorite outfit.

We chose to shoot at Holburn studio is Old Street in the large studio to allow room for the video and stills shoot to happen side by side. The video was a multi camera shoot filmed on the Sony F3 HD cameras.

We are really excited with end video and think the Cosmo girls did a fab good. The interactive video was only live for one month to ensure all the products were in stock and at the correct price. The video below is the full version without the interactive feature. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in the interactive element of the video and we will happily provide more info and how the technology can be utilised.

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