A very busy A/W 2013 London fashion week for Pocket Motion Pictures yielded lots of very exciting shoots. We had one crew on street style, another filming the catwalk shows, out front and backstage, and one more crew filming vox-pops. For me the highlight shoot was ‘The Evolution of a Beauty Trend’ featuring the amazing Sam McKnight doing the hair for Paul Smith.

I have singled this video out largely because the brief came in very last minute and the video edit was done overnight which is something that happens frequently and we have ensured the company is flexible and able to adapt quickly for requests like this. This sort of shoot requires high energy, quick thinking, good teamwork and an eye for detail at high speed. I was very proud of the end result, which proved to me that a great team makes great work.

Over the past 12 months Pocket Motion Pictures have become somewhat of a specialist for delivering high quality, fast turnaround edits. We have been responding to increased demand from PR Company, Event Organiser and large Brand clients who are hosting parties, product launches and Award Ceremonies which need a polished video online either that night or the next morning.

To accommodate this we have invested heavily in ensuring we have the right equipment for the shoots, and high powered editing suites that are up to the challenge of rendering quickly. With a team of specialist editors with lightning fast editing skills and an innate understanding of what our clients expect from the final video means the client is happy and needs to give limited feedback. The Sam McKnight video encapsulates this perfectly for me. A strong, high quality and entertaining short form video that was created quickly and meant that our client, Get The Gloss.com were able to have the video live on their site the very next day.

Getthegloss.com were kind enough to add their feedback to this blog post…

“We got the green light to shoot with Sam Mcknight at London Fashion Week the day before we would have to start filming.  I called Jeremy at Pocket Motion Pictures to see if they could help, and he instantly assured me that he would have a team there covering the story which would mean time taken up over the weekend. I couldn’t actually attend the filming myself but I sent over a brief which Jeremy ‘got’ straight away and his team stuck to it brilliantly.

On the Monday I was presented with a super slick, very sophisticated and beautifully shot video which we only had to tweak slightly and add in a few titles before we could upload it to our site the same day. The feedback I got from the shoot was that Pocket Motion Pictures were quick, slick and incredibly professional in what is often a quite stressful environment. I hope to work with Jeremy and his team a lot in the future on various other projects.”

Susannah Taylor Editor, Getthegloss.com

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