Well done Jessica Ennis.

A massive congratulations to such an inspiring athlete.  It was wonderful to watch as Jess took the gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics.

Pocket Motion Pictures had the pleasure to film with Jessica Ennis as she swapped the track for the studio to be photographed for the coveted Cosmopolitan UK cover.

Shot at Worx Studio in West London we used a mixture of HD DSLR video and timelapse photography to capture Jess posing for the camera.

Jessica Ennis, being the massive star that she is, had a much shorter time than most take to be shot as she needed to get back to her training.  We were delighted when she took a few moments to talk to us and introduce the video.

Jess was so friendly and down to earth on set and a real natural in front of camera and we’re sure you’ll be seeing much more of her on television in the future.

You can watch the video below and keep checking back for more exciting videos.  It’s been a busy Summer and we have some interesting projects in production at the moment.


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