Cosmopolitan and L’Oreal Paris invited us to create a series of ‘how to’ videos with a high production value.

The videos were for Cosmo’s website and to form part of a larger marketing campaign for L’Oreal.  There were two themes – Backstage and Centre stage – and we were asked to shoot four videos for each.

On a beautiful, sunny day in Kentish Town, we shot the first batch at Spring Studios.  These were bright, warm and friendly looking videos to give the viewer a detailed understanding of how to achieve a particular hair style and a make up look to complement it

We minimised the interference of the filming process by carrying out the shoot with a RED One and two Canon 7D cameras. This ensured we had plenty of coverage of the hair and make-up stylists working their magic without the cameras intruding, giving the finished video a more natural flow. On a practical level, it also meant we didn’t have to stop and repeat steps in the tutorial as much, so we could spend more time ensuring the set looked right and the lighting was the best it could be. With the aid of the wonderfully portable WallyDolly on set, we could gently track from left to right during shots.

For the second theme, we filmed on location at Koko, Camden.  Our brief was to give the shoot an altogether more glamorous feel, for a more evening and going out look.

Because the turnaround for these videos was quicker than the first shoot, we opted to film with the Sony F3 as our main camera.  This allowed us to edit straight away without any transcending.   With the evening theme, the location was generally going to be darker, so we used Canon 5D’s as our B and C camera as these are better in low light.

As with the last shoot, we filmed four looks, two with Cosmo readers and two with models.



But as a further element for this set of videos, alongside the tutorials, we also wanted to show the models doing their own hair and make up.   This way, we hoped to inspire confidence in the audience that they can actually do these steps – and achieve the look – themselves.


Take a look at two examples from each shoot below.

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