We love creative briefs and when the fashion label Mint Velvet asked us to produce their 2015 Autumn/Winter ‘look book’ for online and in store use, we jumped at the chance.

Mint Velvet wanted to feature 25 different outfits, so our task was to plan a way of shooting all 25 in one day.  The video had to have a clean and minimalist feel to it, whilst still being dynamic and high energy – there were lots of different looks to feature.

The initial concept was to shoot the video like a traditional catwalk, but this can feel slow: you find yourself waiting for the model to walk down the runway towards the camera in order to get a more detailed look at the outfit.  The way around this problem was to have the camera tracking back with the model as she walked, therefore keeping her in a full-length shot the whole time.  This also meant we could easily cut between models and outfits at any point as they were always in the same frame size.

Mint_Velvet_Gif_Edit2 (360x640)

We filmed at Sky Studio in London as we needed a large studio for the catwalk itself and for all our lights and equipment – including a ten metre dolly.

Setting up the lighting was a challenge. We wanted a crisp, white floor and background but not too much light on the model – finding that balance of light is tricky. Paul Handley, our DOP on the day, worked his magic and found the sweet spot – our model looked great, the outfits were lit perfectly and the background was just right.

This behind-the-scenes video gives you an idea of how we set everything up.

We filmed on a Friday and the footage had to be edited over the weekend with the complete video ready to deliver by Monday afternoon. At Pocket Motion Pictures we’re not fazed by a fast turn around – our team of super talented editors worked around the clock to create Mint Velvet’s A/W 2015 video look book with spectacular results.

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