We recently shot and edited a video for M&S to be displayed in store windows across the country, and had the opportunity to film in 4K Ultra HD.

What is 4K video? 4K refers to the video pixel resolution, and at 3840×2160 pixels 4K is 4x the resolution of HD video (which is 1920×1080).  By comparison, Youtube videos are only 1280×720.

At Pocket Motion Pictures we like to keep up with all the latest cutting-edge technologies and equipment, but we always ensure we only use a tool for the right storytelling reasons (not simply to keep up with the Joneses). 4K is the new standard in professional video cameras but very few people understand it and even fewer clients actually need it.

GQ were collaborating with M&S on a fashion story and we were asked to film a behind-the-scenes video that would also act as a fashion look book.  We had previously worked with GQ and H&M on a similar project.

We needed to produce the video for both online and in store – the store window screens would be portrait and the online content would be landscape.  Filming 4K enabled us to deliver for both mediums without losing any video quality.

M&S P M&S Pocket Motion Pictures portrait image1


Filming in 4K allowed us to create an HD project that we simply rotated 90 degrees to neatly fill the screen space without any loss of image quality.

M&S 4K Video example

Have a look at the final landscape video in HD – the web’s not ready to support full 4K just yet.

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