This summer sees the evolution of tech innovation with two major camera releases in as many months. There’s quite a bit to shout about; the Canon C200 offers Internal 12-bit 4K RAW, and the Panasonic Eva 1 gives us a 5.7K sensor resulting in sharper images and increased colour space.

But is new always best? That depends. At Pocket Motion Pictures we like to ensure we’re using the right gear for the job.

We feel latest cameras offer two significant benefits to our clients.

4K (3840 pixels × 2160 lines dontcha know)

4K is nothing new, so much so, that expecting to see it in each new release is now the norm and camera resolution will only increase from here on out. We already see 8K available at the higher end of the market.

But we are rarely asked to deliver our final videos in such high resolution. In fact, 99% of the time our clients require content for online use and only need HD1920 x 1080! And we don’t see that changing this year.

Then why do we use 4K? It’s a case of more is more. When we shoot in 4k, it allows us the option of two shots with every shot. The higher resolution gives us the advantage of being able to crop in during post production without losing any quality.

Colour Detail.

Without getting too techie, one notable development on the more budget friendly cinema cameras is the increased codec capacity; the complicated relationship between the video quality, the amount of data used to represent the video is determined by the bit rate.

For some time now, many editors have been working with a bitrate of 4.2.0, but with a recent increase to 4.2.2 (I know, it doesn’t seem like a lot) they are being given much more scope for colour correction and adjustments in post production. With greater control, flexible colour grading is made more accessible.

PMP create a vast amount of content for the fashion and beauty industry and in this business nailing that all-important skin tone or matching a product to the correct Pantone is everything. The ability to capture more detail and have greater control over the hues, blends and colours of the final video is vital. Thank you 4.2.2.

We aim to offer the best service to all our clients and using the latest advancements in technology where relevant is part of that.

We have an extensive range of different cameras and software as part of our in-house inventory because it is important to us that we have the right equipment for the job.

If you are interested in finding out what equipment we think is right for your next shoot, please contact us for a quote at: 0207 244 9995

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