After successfully creating a time lapse video of the famous Selfridges Christmas windows being installed, we were asked back to time lapse an even bigger and more exciting project. Selfridges were redeveloping a large section of their 2nd floor womenswear designer area with a spectacular new design created by the famous architect Jamie Fobert. The project would take five months: it involved completely gutting the area and building an entirely new and fresh state of the art shopping experience.

There were big technical issues we had to overcome – being in a space that was constantly evolving meant that we would regularly have to move the camera, and finding somewhere to clamp or hang it was not always easy.

Also, as there was no access to mains power on site, we had to build a rig that could run for over a week at a time, working 24 hours a day and taking one picture every 20 seconds.

Each week posed the challenge of trying to second guess what was going to happen that week to find a new camera position. Regularly we would set up a camera position hoping to capture a specific element of the construction, only to return to find it was delayed and we had to move because they needed to work on that area.

The end result was beyond what we were expecting. It’s fascinating to watch five months’ work compressed to two minutes. There is something magical about it.

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