1. Storytelling – “The power of WOW”

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive and busy social media world but the power of telling your audience a story is a technique that must not be overlooked, because when done correctly with strategic planning the result can be epic.

The stories we tell have the ability to touch, inspire, and shake people to their cores. People love brands that aren’t afraid to let people in and with authentic storytelling it can put a human face on a big brand and connect with people in real-time.

At Pocket Motion Pictures we are seeing that more and more brands are investing in campaigns which are supported by a story that shares the company values and ideals, whilst not being purely product led.


2. Look out it’s behind You!

360 degree videos and Photography are slowly becoming bigger and bigger, alongside virtual reality.  The technology has been around and supported by social media channels for years but 2019 will see as massive rise as cameras become cheaper, better and more widely used.

By providing users with an immersive experience they feel like they are right there.

The travel, tourism and hospitality industries are leading the way with most hotels offering some sort of 360 tour and the Fashion, Sports and Events industry is fast catching up.

In 2019 you will be seeing a lot more 360 degree cameras placed in prime positions in order to capture the most immersive shot. Historically these cameras have been tucked away (out of sight out of mind) but that defies the whole point and, after decades of tourists complaining “it’s nothing like it was in the brochure”, they can now get the full picture. In fact, if a destination or hotel doesn’t keep up with this trend, potential customers might begin to wonder what they are hiding…


3. Internal Talent as Content Creators

Influencer strategies can be risky and expensive and we are starting to see more and more brands turning to their own internal talent to act as brand personalities.  Internal talent can create added value through industry knowledge and the sincere, personal quality of their content.

It also gives businesses the opportunity to tailor their branded content and create an overarching tone and voice to their content marketing, that is harder to control with outsourced influencers.

This trend is especially true for the Beauty Industry as brands turn to in-store make-up artist, internal R&D team and key team members with expert knowledge to take on the roles of content creators.


4. 6-Second Video Ads

Vine started it and there is no doubt this tiny format captured the world’s attention and it is becoming more and more relevant in the fast paced social media world. We are also seeing larger campaigns using this format compared to the historical 30 second TV style advert.

Whilst the short form content presents obvious challenges for storytelling and editing, Pocket Motion Pictures have years of experience crafting the perfect way to tell a message in the shortest time. Our Production team shoot and edit this type of content day in day out but the most successful campaigns happen where we are able to creatively and strategically work with brands to get the initial idea and concept right. Our team of creatives understand the whole process and help ensure that you don’t end up with content that looks amazing but falls short on message.


5. Video Content Agencies

Historically advertising and creative agencies were under massive competition from the newly evolving Video Content Agency.  Creative Agencies would use a Production Company to complete their vision with each agency taking their fee along the way. Pocket Motion Pictures and other agencies are leading the way by offering a script-to-screen service and making “video content agencies” a natural evolution in the digital content world.

As the demand for diverse video content grows, from long form and live video to short ads and micro-social moments, brands will need comprehensive video services with creative solutions to the inexhaustible demand.


With so much development in 2018 it is exciting to think about what 2019 will bring in the ever-changing world of video content. One thing is for sure; Pocket Motion Pictures will be there at each step of the process.


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